Latest: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘punished’ for ‘misusing’ royal titles
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Prince Harry slammed as ‘pathetic’ and ‘friendless’ by American radio host

Prince Harry, who lives in Southern California with his wife Meghan Markle and their two children Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, has been lashed out for his ‘arrogance’.

The Duke of Sussex Prince Harry has been described as “pathetic” and friendless by an American radio host. 

Founder of Prager University Dennis Prager has shared his thought about Harry and Meghan in talks with GB News, saying: “I don’t know what they stand for. I don’t know what good they have done with their fame.”

The radio talk show host and writer seemingly punished the Sussexes with his words for allegedly misusing the royal titles, saying: “They’re only known only because of their royal titles, but they don’t give a damn about the royalty.”

He went on saying: “So they’ve used the royalty and they’ve done nothing for the royalty.”

Prager’s comments come after Prince Harry’s official notice to British authorities that he is now “usually resident” in the United States.

The expert also admitted that he is an American and “the royalty of Britain is not my concern”, he does believe “it’s generally a good thing for the British.”

He tried to explain what the Britons were expecting from them as royals, saying: “I think that rituals are essential to the survival of a nation or a religion, and that’s a very big ritual in British life. But it’s very sad to me that they [Harry and Meghan] have the fame that they have.”

Prager did not stop here, adding: “You lose friends if you get arrogant. So on purely selfish grounds, I don’t believe Prince Harry has one friend. I really don’t. He has acquaintances, I’m sure. But all of these famous people who love their fame are friendless.”

Prince Harry is also facing calls for his deportation from the United States following his claims about taking drugs.

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