Latest: Meet this cute feline Squirt
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Pet of the week is this adorable cat. — ilovekent/File

Pet of the week, Squirt, a 7-year-old female domestic shorthair cat, was characterised as quiet, loving, and independent, who shared a home with numerous other cats.

Due to the rapid changes in her life and the fact that Squirt is new to RASKC, she has been somewhat withdrawn. She might need some time to adjust to her new surroundings and reveal her own self.

Squirt is a patient, kind cat who prefers to go slowly. 

Due to her timid disposition, she would thrive in a serene, quiet household without small children and will be a very loyal buddy once she gets to know you.

Squirt is microchipped, up to date on her vaccines, and spayed. Among the many advantages of her adoption is a 30-day opt-in health insurance plan from Trupanion.

Interestingly, research has indicated that cats can provide a relaxing influence on their owners, as evidenced by the calming effects of caressing and purring as a sleep aid.

Even your blood pressure and heart attack risk may be lowered by cats. According to a 10-year study, people who own cats have a 30% lower risk of passing away from a heart attack or stroke than people who do not own cats.

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