Latest: George Lopez reasons why he ‘decided not to date anymore’
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George Lopez reasons why he ‘decided not to date anymore’

George Lopez, ahead of his 63rd birthday, is putting his family first.

He clarified during his interview on The Jennifer Hudson Show that “I decided not to date anymore. You know, I’m 62. I’ll be 63 soon, so I’m out of that. That relieves a lot of the issues that I had.”

He continued, “Now I realize the only person I need to be in love with and have her love me back is my daughter Mayan. So, all my attention would go to her.”

After his divorce from Mayan Lopez’s mother, Ann Serrano, in 2010, Lopez and his daughter became estranged for a number of years.

“To be a father is a very special thing,” he told Hudson. “To have a child as beautiful as any child, but to be estranged from your child is one of the worst things ever. So for the first time in my life, I owned up to all my mistakes, and I’m lucky enough that Mayan took me back into her life.”

He noted “A little bit of the show is [about that],” referring to Lopez vs Lopez, the NBC comedy, which was largely inspired by her TikToks mocking him for not being in her life, and features both father and daughter portraying made-up versions of themselves.

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