Latest: Apple AirTag helps California man find stolen car
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Thieve takes stolen car to car wash before being caught by Apple AirTag. — IGN/File

A long beach resident, with the help of Apple AirTag, recovers his stolen car with a thief inside, NBC Los Angeles reported.

Philip Obando, upon walking out of the house, found that his car was gone. He immediately reported the incident to the police and began tracking the car with the help of his Apple AirTag, which he had installed in his car trunk as a precaution.

They kept following the car until the route froze, but picked up again in the afternoon when they spotted the car by a gas station.

The man and his wife quickly drove off to the location, and upon reaching it, they found out that the thief was filling the car with gas.

He then confronted the thief as his wife blocked his path.

“I said, ‘This is my car! The guy said, ‘No, it’s my car.’ I said, ‘Really?’ I had an extra fob; click it, the car beeped, and that’s when the guy said, ‘Oh, oh man,’ and he just fled,” the man said.

After checking the dashcam video, they saw the man driving around their neighbourhood, swapping out licence plates, and even taking the vehicle for a car wash.

The footage also showed the thief picking up some other guy to whom he bragged about the theft.

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