Latest: Inside Kylie Jenner’s Met Gala beauty prep secrets
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Kylie Jenner’s exclusive pre-gala rituals and beauty regimen revealed.

Kylie Jenner stunned audience at Monday’s Met Gala with her stunning rosewater-colored Oscar de la Renta gown. 

The star treated fans to a behind-the-scenes peek through a mini vlog on her TikTok account, chronicling her journey from preparation to arrival and departure at the prestigious event. 

In her footage, she disclosed her reliance on her own Kylie Cosmetics makeup line for the day’s look, accentuated by her signature fragrance, Cosmic. 

She has curated a special bundle on her Kylie Cosmetics website, comprising the exact products she utilized for the Met Gala, now available for purchase at a discounted rate of $152.

In revealing mini-vlog shared on her TikTok account, she offered fans an intimate glimpse into her pre-Met Gala preparations, including an elaborate photo shoot to capture her radiant aura before stepping onto the red carpet. 

Jenner emphasized that enthusiasts could recreate her entire Met Gala look with a specially curated bundle available on her website, currently at a generous 20% reduction from its regular $190 price tag. 

The model donned a matching cape for her journey to the event, removing it upon arrival. 

Wrapping up her vlog, she casually remarked, ‘The Met is over,’ as she made her way to her awaiting transportation post-Gala.

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