Latest: Queen Camilla makes ‘very’ important decision with Buckingham Palace stern announcement
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The latest announcement continues the Palace’s move towards becoming environmentally friendly 

Queen Camilla has made a commitment to refrain from purchasing any new fur products for her wardrobe, as disclosed by an animal rights organization.

 Buckingham Palace conveyed Queen Camilla’s position on the matter in a letter to Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), along with her “warmest wishes.”

This marks the first official stance taken by Queen Camilla against the fur industry, which critics argue involves inhumane practices such as trapping, electrocution, and painful methods of animal slaughter for their fur. 

In 2017, Camilla quietly transitioned to wearing faux fur hats following public backlash for donning a real fur hat at the Royal Family’s Sandringham Christmas Day church service seven years prior. 

She had previously faced criticism from Peta in 2009 for wearing a rabbit fur stole during a visit to Canada.

The letter, which was dated April 15, typed on Buckingham Palace-headed notepaper and from the head of royal correspondence, read: “In response to your query, I can confirm that Her Majesty will not procure any new fur garments.” It added: “This comes with the Queen’s warmest wishes.”

The Queen’s public statement follows in the footsteps of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who switched to faux fur for new outfits from 2019. 

Peta founder Ingrid Newkirk said: “Peta is toasting Queen Camilla with a glass of the finest claret for being a true queen by standing with the 95 per cent of British people who also refuse to wear animal fur, as polls show.”

The latest announcement continues the Palace’s move towards becoming environmentally friendly. 

The Coronation Roll – the official recording of the proceedings – was for the first time in history made from paper. But both the King and Queen wore fur at the coronation, with ermine capes on their robes and historic crowns trimmed in ermine.

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