Latest: Britney Spears is still making ‘millions’ despite reports she’s going ‘broke’
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Britney Spears was under a 13-year-long conservatorship under now-estranged father Jamie Spears

Britney Spears is rolling in dough as rumours circulate that she’s going broke after breaking free from her conservatorship.

A new report by US Weekly revealed that the Princess of Pop, 40, is actually doing very well for herself, having earned a whopping $40 million in 2023 alone.

She reportedly earned the amount through various sources of income, such as her bombshell 2023 memoir, The Woman In Me, and her musical collaboration with John Elton on the 2022 song, Hold Me Closer.

“There is no issue with money,” one source clarified to the outlet, refuting all previous claims that multi-Grammy winner is “in serious danger of going broke,” per TMZ.

More sources noted to US Weekly that though Spears “burns money” on things like vacations and online clothes shopping, “that’s her prerogative. It’s her money.”

Last month, Page Six reported that Spears’ inner circle is concerned for her financial well-being.

A source spilled to the outlet, “She has no concept of money. For over a decade, other people were in charge of her bank accounts, and every purchase had to be reported to the court – even if it was just a pack of gum. But now, she’s on her own.”

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