Latest: Britney Spears relies on boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz after Chateau Marmont incident
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Britney Spears still defends her boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz amid feud criticism

Britney Spears and her boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz have recently been relying on each other after the Chateau Marmont incident earlier this month.

A source spilled to the Star magazine, “Britney and Paul have been together nonstop since the incident at the Chateau Marmont,” as they were seen in the singer’s $200,000 Mercedes.

The source revealed, “Paul has gotten so much criticism and blame for that and she’s jumped to protect him, so it’s actually made them closer — they’ve got this ‘us against the world’ vibe going on.”

Even though Paul had been accused of failing to pay child support to the mom of several of his children, Britney had no issue with him and his behaviour.

“She insists he’s a great guy and a great dad to his nine kids,” remarked an insider.

However, the source added, “Fact is, Brit does not want to be alone.”

OK! previously reported that Paul’s former partner Nicole Mancilla pointed out that Britney’s former house cleaner cheated on her with the singer and has not paid child support bills for their five children.

“Just let them know that my husband fell for Britney Spears. He was married, and now he denies his children. He neglects his children for her,” claimed Nicole.

She noted, “He’s a deadbeat dad. It’s difficult for me, because he doesn’t support not one kid. And they’re at my house.”

Meanwhile, Britney is happy with Paul as another source mentioned, “One of the reasons why she likes Paul is he doesn’t make her feel crazy, he’s easygoing and does whatever she wants.”

But the songstress’ loved ones expressed their nervousness about Paul’s post.

“No one around Britney thinks this guy is good for her. They say he’s just telling her what she wants to hear,” added an insider.

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