Latest: Ariana Grande ‘cutely’ cheers on Ethan Slater at his Cafe Carlyle residency
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Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater have been dating for nearly a year now

Ariana Grande was ever the supportive girlfriend of her boyfriend Ethan Slater as he launched his Café Carlyle residency in Manhattan on Tuesday, May 28.

Multiple guests took note of the 30-year-old pop star despite her attempts to stay unnoticed so as to not steal the spotlight from her beau.

One source told The US Sun on Wednesday, “Ariana and Ethan did not interact after the show was over because he was greeting his fans and it was obvious she did not want to steal the spotlight from him. She was just there to support him.”

Another source noted to People Magazine that Grande and Slater exchanged glances throughout the show.

“She was laughing at all of his jokes in between songs, and cheering for him after each song,” they revealed, adding, “The show was mostly about him and his love of music and theater, though he did steal a quick glance over to Ariana when he sang a line about being ‘Lucky to be in love.’ It was very cute.”

The lovebirds, who met while filming the musical Wicked, have been dating for almost a year now after divorcing their respective spouses.

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