Latest: Prince Harry left devastated by King Charles, William in secret meeting
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Prince Harry given cold shoulder by King Charles, William in secret meeting

King Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry held a ‘secret meeting’ to address the issues after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s shocking claims against the royal family.

Harry asked for a “secret meeting” with his royal relatives to discuss “the state of things” when he travelled to the UK to attend Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021, one month after he and Meghan were interviewed by US TV host and their friend Oprah Winfrey.

It was the first time Harry travelled England since the Sussexes stepped down as senior working royals and moved to the US, where they now live with their two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

Harry claimed he felt anxious while waiting for William and Charles to arrive at their meeting. He even thought they had changed their mind and would no longer meet him. However, after a while his father and brother appeared.

The Duke claimed that when he said hello to his brother “Willy” and his father, whom he affectionately called “Pa”, they replied with a single and “painfully tepid” word: “Harold.” 

Harry revealed details of the meeting in his own words as he wrote: “At last, I saw them. Shoulder to shoulder, striding towards me, they looked grim, almost menacing. More, they looked tightly aligned. My stomach dropped. Normally they’d be squabbling about one thing or another, but now they appeared to be in lockstep – in league. The thought occurred: Hang on, are we meeting for a walk…or a duel?”

Explaining the situation, Meghan’s hubby penned: “I rose from the wooden bench, made a tentative step towards them, gave a weak smile. They didn’t smile back.”

The Duke added: “Now my heart really started thrashing in my chest. Deep breaths, I told myself. Apart from fear, I was feeling a kind of hyper-awareness, and a hugely intense vulnerability, which I’d experienced at other key moments of my life. Walking behind my mother’s coffin. Going into battle for the first time. Giving a speech in the middle of a panic attack.

‌”There was that same sense of embarking on a quest, and not knowing if I was up to it, while also fully knowing that there was no turning back. That Fate was in the saddle. OK, Mummy, I thought, picking up the pace, here goes. Wish me luck. We met in the middle of the path. Willy? Pa? Hello. Harold. Painfully tepid.”

Harry’s words suggest as he was their to patch-up the things with his royal relatives after his and Meghan’s tell-all explosive interview that rocked the Palace. However, he received cold shoulders from the royals. The meeting seemingly fueled the fire in already tense situation.

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