Latest: Princess Kate would return with bigger role
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It comes as  Royal Photographer hailed the Princess the “biggest star” in The Firm

The Princess of Wales has been at home recovering since bravely announcing her cancer treatment in March.

Sources this week claimed that the Royal has been ‘out and about’ with Prince William and their three children in recent weeks.

Expert Phil Dampier stated that when Kate returns to the public eye, she’ll be more prominent than ever. The commentator emphasized that the future Queen has always been the star of the Royal Family and urged trolls to leave her alone.

The commentator said the future Queen had always been the star of the Royal Family – and trolls needed to leave her alone.

Speaking to Royal Editor Matt Wilkinson on The Sun’s Royal Exclusive show, Phil said most people are patient and understanding about the Princess’ absence.

He told The Sun: “I think most normal people are, most people are just happy to let her recover.

“Obviously you’ve still unfortunately got some very silly people on the internet, trolls on Twitter and various other things and I’m afraid there’s nothing much you can do about those people.

“There are some nutters out there who will spread all sorts of ridiculous rumours about her but most people will be happy for her to recover in the background.”

But Phil said he was certain that when Kate does come back, she’ll be more idolised than she was before.

The expert continued: “When she comes back she’ll probably be bigger than ever but needs to make sure she’s fully fit.

“She was already the biggest star in the Royal Family and when she comes back she’ll be bigger than ever.”

It comes as The Sun’s Royal Photographer hailed the Princess the “biggest star” in The Firm.

Arthur Edwards praised the Princess, who revealed her cancer diagnosis in March, for being an “incredible woman”.

Speaking to The Sun’s Royal Editor Matt Wilkinson, Arthur shared: “She’s just a huge star in the royal family. I mean, it’s no secret that she is the biggest star of them all.”

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